DIRTY 30 -  Get in, get out and get major results in this high energy 30 minute spin class. Perfect for spin newbies and those who want to get an extra sweat in before or after any of our group fitness classes.

DOUBLE TAP - Our 50 minute Spin/HIIT combo. You'll be riding dirty and training dirty with a sweaty 30 minutes on the bike, finishing with 20 minutes of resistance training with the TRX and weights off the bike. Giddy up. 

RITUAL RIDE - This is an intimate 30 minute ride followed by a 30 minute stretch and guided mediation in a candlelit room with intention and goal-setting. This exclusive class (done as close to the new or full moon as possible) is available with a donation equivalent of a single class pass or more.


THE JUICE - A total body workout combining TRX and weight training to build your strength and your body. Using a combination of methods like pyramid sets, tabatas and circuit training, The Juice will whoop your a$$ and bring you back to life just so you can come do it all over again. This 50 minute class is great for building muscle and improving your metabolism. 

BAND CAMP - While it's true that bands will make her dance, at Flex Haus, bands will sculpt your bod. In this 50 minute class you can expect to incorporate high repetitions with resistance bands, TRX, weights and plyometrics for a total body workout that will have your muscles burning!

BOOTY WERK -  A class designed to work your booty, legs and your core!  We use bands, TRX, free weights and plyometrics to bring you the most bad a$$ booty and ab workout you've ever done in 50 minutes. 

CLUB HAUS - A little bit of everything! End your week right with our friday night and weekend sweat that will give you a taste of all of our Flex Haus classes. We turn up (the music) each week and deliver a new workout that combines 2 or more of our class formats and an option to meet us for a post class happy hour brew at the W XYZ lounge.


VINYASA FLOWETRY - Connect your mind, body and spirit with breath and movement in this Vinyasa flow yoga class. You will develop strength, stamina, increased flexibility, range of motion and eliminate toxins while sculpting and toning your body. You are going to leave feeling invigorated and refreshed! This is the perfect compliment to the rest of our classes. Chill homies. We got you. 

SCULPT FLOWETRY - This combo yoga and sculpt conditioning class will tone and strengthen your entire body and will help you develop lean muscles and increase your flexibility through a challenging series of asanas combining isometrics and resistance training. Get ready to feel the burn!