You are always welcome inside our Haus and we ask that you would treat it with the same respect as your own home. Okay...maybe your mama's home.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    If you're sick, stay home. If you can't make a class, make sure you cancel your reservation so another guest can take your spot. Show up on time for class.  If you drop an "F" bomb during your workout, you owe $1 to the swear jar, that we will donate to charity. Stay hydrated. Respect the process. 
    FH is a no judgement and zero negativity zone. Keep yo' drama for yo' mama cause when you step inside it becomes about a crew of hard working people working together towards their personal goals. We strive to encourage each other 'cause sometimes it ain't easy and a supportive team makes all the difference. 
    Carrying conversations and chatting during class is highly distracting to other guests and your instructor. However, feel free to hoot, holler and speak up during the workout to help keep the positive vibe up and energy flowing. On that note, talking negatively about other guests, instructors, studios, etc. will not be tolerated....'cause that's just bad juju and we want you all striving towards the best version of yourself.
    Even though we welcome and strongly encourage social media photo op's at FH, it is advisable that you keep your phone stored away during class. Before & after selfies and flex off's are highly encouraged. 
    No one likes to work out next to a smelly person. Don't be that smelly person. 


FLEX HAUS is an electronic studio, which means we do not have reception or a contact number. The most efficient way to contact us is through email at and manage your own bookings and schedule through MindBodyOnline and the MindBody app.

Even though we are all about having fun and working hard, your safety is our number one priority when you are in our studio. Please keep an eye out for moving parts on bikes, tripping hazards and be aware of your surroundings. Our instructors will always provide you with modifications for existing injury or level of physical fitness but always listen to your body first to avoid over exertion and injury.

Spin shoes and towels are provided. If you are not doing a spin combo class, please bring a clean pair of indoor sneakers to wear during your class. 

The door to the studio closes and locks at scheduled class time so make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early to get settled in. We cannot accept late arrivals and your spot will be given to guests on the waitlist. 

Class Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to cancel your class reservation, it must be cancelled a minimum of 4 hours before the scheduled class time to avoid penalty. Any cancellations done prior to the 4 hour window will result in no penalty on a membership* or the class will be credited back to your account on a class pass**.

*If you have a membership (Gold Club, Platinum Club, or any type of promotional membership) you will be charged a no show fee equivalent of a single class pass ($18 + GST).

**If you have a 10 or 20 class pass, a single class will be deducted from your class pass.

Click here to view a copy of our waiver and safety guidelines.