So, Why Flex Haus? 

Flex Haus is a fitness studio with a unique program structure designed to give our clients amazing results and assist in mindset development and personal growth.

At Flex Haus you can find a variety of different programs and fusion classes including Spin, TRX, Resistance Training, Plyometrics, Yoga, Boxing/Kickboxing, and Cardio Conditioning housed under one roof. 

You no longer need multiple memberships to different studios and gyms - you can get it ALL HERE.

Paired with holistic nutrition programs, challenges, workshops, and a gang of badass instructors, your results are our #1 priority - and we are going to have a hell of a time helping you reach them!

.At Flex Haus, we focus on what we call the "Triangle Effect" - making sure we cover all aspects of health and wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Triangle Effect includes:

  • Body - Creating ass-kicking, but totally exhilarating group fitness classes that will sculpt and shape your body, help you drop body fat, enhance flexibility and increase your cardiovascular endurance. 
  • Mind - Working within these classes to get rid of your limiting B.S. (Belief Systems) to create noticeable shifts in mindset and self-confidence. 
  • Soul - Providing you with feel-good, positive energy (and sometimes that tough love) that will trickle into all other areas of your life in a like-minded, supportive community. 

Our mission  is to help you get the results you have dreamed of while creating an uplifting and inspiring space, which is why we created different levels of membership and class packs to make sure you get the experience that is best suited to your needs. 

So are you down?